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My books are called the Edge of Empire Series. What could I mean by that? It sounds like sci-fi, what Empire am I talking about?

The people who lived on the American continent in the original colonies did not perceive themselves as different from their countrymen who remained in Britain. In fact, they saw themselves as strongly English and deserving of the rights and responsibilities of Englishmen, (women). When the British Parliament disagreed with the Americans’ demands to be treated as Englishmen, there was a war. (More on that as we go.)

You may also ask, what does “World Turned Upside Down” mean?

By the mid-eighteenth century, the men and women of the Western/European world, and here I include America, believed in an ordered world. This was the age of the Enlightenment when natural laws such as gravity were being explored, and people envisioned society as equally explainable. At the end of the American Revolution, when the British Army led by General Charles Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia, 1781, the loss of the colonies was seen to the British as a disorder, a rip, in the natural world. To illustrate that – Cornwallis had his band play “World Turned Upside Down”, at the surrender. Only those about the American Revolution will be called World Turned Upside Down. Click to hear the tune on Youtube.

There are innumerable non-fiction books on the American Revolution, and I will recommend one occasionally. My romances are fiction peppered with historical facts. What I will do on this site is explain some of the history, the laws and negotiations, treaties and battles that create the world in which I have put my fictional characters.

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