Non Fiction history Where to shoppe

James Townsend and Sons

For anyone who needs to buy things that could have been from the eighteenth century let me recommend James Townsend and Sons. They really have some wonderful things: cooking pots and utensils, fire making, clothing etc. Much of their stuff concerns the backwoods, so much of what you see on their site is not what you would see in the fine homes of the Eastern seaboard. –Remember the frontier moved west as civilization pushed at it. For what you might see in Boston or Charleston, imagine transfer wear tea pots with flowers and pretty scenes, fine pewter and silver. Maybe not uses on Saturdays but for company and Sunday dinner.

For recipes and very interesting cooking direction the James Townsend folks have a youtube channel called Savouring the Past. This video for for a Christmas mince pie. John, picture below, does all the cooking. At their site they also sell dvds on firestarting and beer making.

John at Jas Townsend