Non Fiction history

Meanwhile on the Other Side of the Pond

Cheapside-Hoard-salamander-hat-ornament-c-Museum-of-London-430x170 So while Massachusetts was being settled, in the first half of the seventeenth century, London was the center of our Empire and the center of mercantile trade. A new display at the Museum of London shows a jewelers hoard that was abandoned around 1640. The work is amazing, and the stones fabulous. There were good reasons for leaving England, and in time it worked out, but the contrast is amazing. Read about this find at: Over time I will go into more detail about daily life on this edge of the empire in those early days.

So, as of October 7, the London Museum is showing the whole Hoard of London, as it is called. If anyone is travelling there it is an amazing find. The show at the museum looks great with 3d modelling, and reproductions. Great other article on the show from the London Telegraph.