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This is a letter I wrote explaining how the Edge of Empire books came to be.

Dear Reader:

Cardinal Points, and the other Edge of Empire novels, were born when, as a Park Guide for Boston National Historical Park on the Freedom Trail, I began to wonder what it might have been like to be a young woman in Boston during and after the Destruction of the Tea on December 16, 1773.

I would walk from the North End back to the Visitor Center on Devonshire St, seeing Boston of the Eighteenth Century and contemplating the changes that occurred at the imposition of the Parliamentary Acts we call the Insufferable Acts. For my heroine Oona, a young woman who cannot leave the town as so many others have done, these are immediate and personal.

Using my academic background, and my love of adventure and romance novels, I set out to create what one reader has called: “delicious history.”

Remember: in a world turned upside down, the only thing right – may be love.